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GRSL has major brand in edible oil category and these brands are available in different sizes. GRSL has developed the brand Gokul for nearly 2 decades. The company has also forayed in to the international market to the USA, South Eastern Countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia), China, European Union and attained an overwhelming response. As a consequence, GRSL has become a trusted brand across the country and abroad.
The brand Gokul encompass healthy cooking oil ranges full of flavor and quality. GRSL produces a range of refined cooking oils – Palm Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Ground Nut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mustard Oil, Cotton Seed Oil and Vanaspati Ghee catering to different categories of customers. Extensive market research on consumer taste preferences and consumer friendly packages are the origin of our consumer brands.
The company’s robust distribution chain and the market strategy has allowed it to  penetrate into every house hold of India and it further aims to penetrate into the international market.
From Television commercials, health camps to promotions informing consumers of the health benefits of its products, the Company has created strong brand recall and loyalty among every household.
  “Gokul” is the Parent Brand of the Company.
Gokul Brand is a premium edible oil brand very well known in the country since GRSL’s inception. It has been applauded for its purity, freshness and its superior quality by the loyal customers. The backdrop of the consumer preference and support has pushed the brand to the top five positions in the country. The Products available under Gokul brand are Mustard oil, Refined oils and Vanaspati. It is distributed to various depots and C&F Agents spread all across the country who make Gokul brand a grand success.
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