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 Tips for Healthy Living
Oil Pulling
Rinsing or Swishing one teaspoon of oil slowly in the mouth  on an empty stomach in the morning activates the enzymes that draw toxins out of the blood. The Oil thus used should be spit as it becomes toxic.
Enjoy a pint of water first thing in the morning.
Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out.
Avoid taking junk food.
Drink herbal teas.
Eat a handful of nuts.
Say yes to freshly squeezed juice.
Always do Deep breathing.
  Home Remedies
Common Cold
Rubbing Mustard oil on your foot and inside the nostrils is helpful in fighting against common cold.
Inhale vapor to loosen up some of the congestion.
Fruits and vegetables are a must.
Drink plenty of  Water .
Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough, and keep your own hands clean.
Arthritis(Joint Pain)
A gentle massage with warm olive oil is very effective in relieving arthritis pain.
Stem bath and body massage are beneficial.
Take 10 grams of camphor and 200 grams of mustard oil and rub gently on the affected area .
Castor oil is an effective rub for treatment of arthritis .
Bad Breath
Rub your teeth and gums with mustard oil for stronger teeth.
Chewing mint leaves will soon freshen up the breath.
Gargle with baking soda dissolved in warm water.
Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and gargle frequently.
Brush your teeth before every meal.
2-3 teaspoonfuls of castor oil relieves constipation as it is a good laxative.
Daily intake of guava with empty stomach in the morning is highly beneficial.
Dates along with milk too is a good reliever.
Mix ½ cup of olive oil with ½ cup of orange juice and drinking makes a good natural cure.
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